Review by Naughty_Bedroom_Secrets Part 1
29 januari 2021
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29 januari 2021
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Review by Naughty_Bedroom_Secrets Part 2

REVIEW TIME “PART TWO” you Lovely Naughty Ones!

I told you earlier about the wonderful opportunity @happydivalubricants gave me for testing their lubes, so now here is part two for the Spice me Up! Stimulance Gel, please believe me that this one got me speeding up like CRAZY!! 

Applying this one is easy peasy due to the “press & play” pump. The gel tastes and smells fresh, feels very comfy and soft, looks yellowish and is sparingly in use. So, let’s get down to business ->> When I put a drop on my clit it felt really nice, it got a bit warm as if it was played with for a while. I have to be honest with you guys that my clit can be very stubborn from time to time but with this gel…ohmy applepie…I got off in record-time WHOOOOO amazing, really! YOU HAVE GOT TO TRY THIS ONE!! So check my bio for the link to their website and just buy it!!



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