29 januari 2021
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29 januari 2021
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Review by Naughty_Bedroom_Secrets Part 1

Hello you Lovely Naughty Ones! IT IS REVIEW TIME “PART ONE”!

With great pleasures I tested the products of @happydivalubricants Dare Me! Anal Relax body Lube (I ❤ anal) and the Spice me Up! Stimulance Gel, please believe me, I got all tingly testing the lubezzz ->>

As I unpacked the box I found 2 lovely giftpaper wrapped gifts, and as you know you lovely ones, I ❤anything that is giftpaperwrapped, what a joy it gives me! The packaging and bottles look very shiny and happy and actually say USE ME PLEASE, in contrary to other lubes that have plain boring bottles.

I started off with the Anal Relax: Applying is easy due to the “press & play” pump, the smell and taste are like chewing gum so very friendly on nose and mouth and also very effective. I noticed my butthole was (even) more relaxed than usual, it gave a little tingle which I liked A LOT, and the substance is very comfortable and soft and sparingly in use.

So, if you are an Anal Newbee or even a more experienced Anal-player and you normally use lubes, please switch to this one, for so many reasons! I’d like to say thank you to my friends of @happydivalubricants who gave me a chance to review their products even though I do not have that many followers yet❤❤





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